Support : Generate docking’s data backup – AdMos

Note: this procedure works with version 3.9 and higher. If it is not the case yet, please update it with this procedure: docking update. This will erase the docking’s content so be sure to contact support before performing the procedure.

  1. Power down the docking station.
  2. Make sure there is no sensor connected.
  3. Download the .txt file with this link: click here for download. Then place it in the USB key.

  1. Connect the provided* USB key on the docking before powering it up.
  2. Power up the docking station.
  3. Wait until the docking boots up (take around 30 seconds)
  4. The docking will automatically start to generate a backup of the docking.
Copying the docking’s content into the USB
  1. The following screen will appear to confirm all data have been saved on the provided USB key.
Backup is copied into the USB
  1. Turn off the docking station.
  2. Send the file to

*not using the provided USB key might make the update fail.