How to Download Data from AdMos sensor


Download data from the sensors

To download the data from the device, you can do it sensor by sensor or using a docking.

Below we will explain how to download the data sensor by sensor.
To know how to download data with a docking station, please read section How to Sync and charge AdMos sensors with the docking station.

  • Plug your device to your computer using the USB cable provided with the device.
  • Once your device is recognised by your computer, the below message will appear at the bottom right of your screen.
    By clicking on the message, ASI website will be opened in your default browser.
AdMosLive detected
  • Under your browser’s address field, a list will be displayed. Find the AdMos device and select it (3)
    Then click on “Connect” (4).
  • Once connected, click on “Download data” (4)
  • A file with extension “.asi” will be downloaded. E.g.: Session20210723.asi
  • Now you can convert this file into the standard format “.csv”.
  • To do so, click on “Choose a file” and select the “.asi” file. E.g.: Session20210723.asi
  • Then click on “Convert ASI file”.
  • On the new page, two files will be available to download:
    • The gnssData file; “gssData.csv”
    • And the imuData file; “imuData.csv”
  • Click on the links to download the files.