V1 Firmware upgrade

The Firmware is the piece of software that manages the device behavior. At ASI we are constantly improving our devices and are often releasing new Firmware upgrades. The following documentation shows you how to check the Firmware version of your device and upgrade it to the latest version.

Please note that depending on the version of your Firmware, you should contact the support before proceeding with the upgrade.

Verify the version of your Sensor

Connect the Pod to a computer with an USB cable.


Open the file “config.txt”.


Check the Version (e.g. B0 in the above example).

The actual version is: C2

If your Pod is not at the latest version, proceed with the upgrade.

If your Pod Firmware starts with a “A”, e.g. A09. Contact the support in order to plan the upgrade.

For all the other Firmwares with an older version, you can proceed as follows Pod by Pod.

Upgrade the Sensor individually

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Firmware upgrade of your device might erase the content of the file config.txt. Please backup the Pod configuration (player name, position, heart rate monitor, etc) before the upgrade.

Should you have any doubt, thanks to contact us.

Connect the pod to the computer using the USB cable provided.

Download, unzip and then copy the following file (update.hex) on the Pod.

Firmware C2

Eject the Pod and disconnect it.

Connect the Pod to the computer and wait for around 30 seconds until the Pod appears on the computer.

The update process is done.

Check the content of the CONFIG.TXT on the Pod after the update. The pod number should match the number printed on the pod if any (with the leading 0 if any). Otherwise the pod number can be set to 00.